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Wellington's Army During the Spanish Peninsular War
For Groups (Minimum: 15 People)

If the Napoleonic War is of interest to you and the duke of Wellington in particular, then this is the tour of you. Join us as we go back in history, to Spain where 200 years ago Napoleon's dream of a French dominated Europe was destroyed.

The Talavera to Salamanca Tour is the classic tour of the Iberian Peninsula, taking in host of major battles, sieges and other important actions. Beginning at Talavera, the bloody battle which earned Arthur Wellesley the title 'Wellington' on to Albuera and the terrible 'breaches' at Badajoz where the 3rd division lead by the 'Forlorn Hope' scaled the walls. At Fuentes de Onoro we walk the maze of narrow alleys where so much blood was spilt. At Carpio we see the site of the first major fight between the British cavalry and the French Lancers. Finally to Salamanca where Wellington inflicted 15,000 casualties on the French at a cost of 5,000 of his own troops.


Day 1
Arrive in Madrid and meet at our hotel.

Day 2
Arrive in Madrid to be met by your Tour Historian and bus. Drive to Toledo and check in at the El Pinto Greco Hotel.

Day 3
After Breakfast we drive to Talavera for a tour of the battlefield, the memorial, Medellin and Cascajal. Continuing on to the bridge at Almaraz and General Hill's raid in May 1812. We will view the bridge and visit Fort Napoleon. Our hotel tonight is the Parador de Zafra, in Zafra.

Day 4
Following Breakfast, we leave for Albuera and the battlefield. At the bridge near the town we get an excellent overview, before moving on to Colborne's hill from where we can view the whole battlefield, including the scene of the great firefight, the advance of the Fusilier Brigade and Napier's 'Fatal Hill'. In the afternoon we drive to Badajoz, to visit the remains of Fort Picurina, the area of the breaches, the castle and San Vicente bastion.

Day 5
Leaving Zafra this morning after first visiting the controversial cavalry action at Campo Mayor. Driving North via the Roman bridge at Alcantara we cross the Sierra de Gata with its spectacular views.
We stop at El Bodon and the key position at Fuenteguinaldo. Finally arriving at the beautiful fortified town of Almeida, where we will spend 3 nights at the Pousada Hotel.

Day 6
After Breakfast, we begin the day by taking a stroll around Almeida, to study its extensive fortifications. We visit Wellington's headquarters at Freneida and then drive to the scene of the action at the Coa River. On to the wonderful Fort Conception and finally to Barba del Puerco, before returning to Almeida.

Day 7
This morning we start our day by a visit to the battlefield at FuentesdeOnoro, then tour the villages, the Nave de Haver and Poco Velho.
At Ciudad Rodrigo we inspect the breaches and view the Greater and Lesser Tesons and the monument to General Crauford. Finally a visit to the cavalry action at Carpio.

Day 8
Leaving Almeida this morning, we drive to Salamanca, where on the 22 July 1812, Wellington defeated a French Army of 40,000 men. Our tour will include visits to Miranda de Azan, Calvarrasa de Arriba, and the two Arapiles. The result of the battle opened the route to Madrid.
Hotel tonight at the Parador de Salamanca.

Day 9
After breakfast we leave Salamanca and head towards to Madrid, stopping first at the major cavalry action at Garcia Hernandez, where troops of the Kings German Legion were in action.
This afternoon we arrive in Madrid and check in for our last 2 nights at the Wellington Hotel.

Day 10
A day of rest and relaxation after your tour, to see the sites of Madrid either on your own or on an organized tour.

Day 11
Transfer to Madrid airport.

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