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Group Tours

Many tour operators and planners in the USA offer package trips with various generic themes. For many groups seeking travel assistance, this is adequate.

Old Country Tours works with non-profit North American organizations to custom tailor a perfect itinerary for people with special interests. These tours can serve many purposes:

  • To be used as very effective fund raisers.

  • Offer unique ways to build membership and financial support.

  • Reunites old friends and forms new friendships amongst the tour attendees


Is there a particular topic - historical, cultural, genealogical, and perhaps scientific - that would be especially attractive to your group? Ask the travel professionals at Old CountryTours for ideas that would entice members and friends to travel with you. Old Country's network of authorities on a vast array of subjects can create a custom-made itinerary to meet your needs. The result can be an intellectually challenging travel experience; a trip that your members and friends are not likely to forget; meeting colleagues and experts in an atmosphere that no packaged trip can ever hope to provide.

Old Country Tours can put together a very special trip for your group that you can price competitively and confidently market to your members. Many of them are probably going to travel in coming months anyway, and many will be travelling with other groups.


Please visit our European Tour Page, this shows various examples of custom-made tours that we have undertaken for groups during the past 20 years.

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