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'Doughboys' - The US Army & US Marines in France & Belgium in WW 1 - 1917-1918
For Groups (Minimum: 15 People)

Nearly 100 years ago and by 1918, 2 million American servicemen, 'The Doughboys', were 'Over There' in Europe. Young, enthusiastic, fit and strong, they eagerly took their place alongside their British, French and Belgian Allies, and in the most part as an independent Army under General 'Black Jack' Pershing.

From their early training in France and Flanders to the Meuse-Argonne offensive, these young men proved themselves formidable fighting men. Undoubtedly their presence hastened the end of the war, though at a cost of 50,000 killed and over two hundred thousand wounded.

We follow them from the Ypres Salient, Cantigny on the Somme, through to Belleau Wood , Mont Blanc, the first assault as an Army at St. Mihiel and to the final 'Big Push'. Placed in context alongside the momentous events that had taken place between the Allies and the German Army during 1914-1917.

Now as we move towards the 100th Anniversary of the ending of the war it is a time to remember 'The Doughboys sacrifice'


Day 1
Overnight flight from the USA to Brussels.

Day 2 - The Salient
Brussels Airport RV Short Introduction-travel to Ypres via Waereghem The Flanders Field American Cemetery; Audenaarde US 37 th and 91 st Divs Oct 30-Nov 11, 1918; (site of Battle of Oudenarde 1708 John Churchill, the 1 st Duke of Marlborough, Queen Anne's War); Passchendaele and Tyne Cot; Langemarck; The Brooding Soldier; (Subject to timings Flanders Field Museum open 1000/1700). Briefing before attending Menin Gate Ceremony 2000.
Hotel Ypres.

Day 3 - The Western Front
Depart Ypres . US 27th and 30th Divs Ypres/Lys Aug 18-Sep 4 1918; American Monument Vierstraat; Armentieres; Vimy Ridge (Canadian National Memorial, Trenches and Visitor Centre); Arras; US 80 th Div Somme Aug 8-18, 1918; Newfoundland Park Memorial; Ulster Tower (Memorial to the British 36 th Irish Div); Thiepval Memorial to the Missing; The Golden Virgin and Museum of the Shelters at Albert
Hotel Peronne .

Day 4 - The Somme
Depart hotel for Great War Museum (Opens 1000/1800); depart Peronne 1100. Visit Cantigny US 1 st Div April 27-Jul 8, 1918; Villers-Bretonneux (Australian National Memorial); Hamel US 33 rd Div Jul 4, 1918; US 6 th Engineers 3 rd Div Defence of the Somme during German attack March 27-April 3, 1918; Bray US 131 st Infantry 33 rd Div Aug 9-19, 1918; The Lochnager Crater; Mametz Wood; High Wood; New Zealand Memorial to the Missing; South African Memorial; Gouzeaucourt US 11 th Engineers Nov 30, 1918 (Near by site of AEF first wounded Sep 5, 1917); Somme Offensive US 27 th and 30 th Div Sep 24-30, 1918; (Same Div Oct 6-21, 1918, no panorama); American Monument Bellicourt; Somme American Cemetery. Return to Peronne hotel.

Day 5 - The Second Battle of the Marne
Depart Peronne. Passing St Quentin and Vauxaillon US 370 th Inf US 93rd Div Sep 24-Oct 12, 1918; Juvigny US 32 nd Div Aug 28-Sep 2, 1918 to Soissons and the CWGC Memorial to the Missing. Continuing south to the Fr and US 1 st , 2 nd Divs July 18-22, 1918; turning north at Montreuil; Paris Farm; Lucy le-Bocage; Belleau`` Wood US 2 nd Div June 4-July10, 1918; Aisne-Marne Cemetery; Aisne-Marne American Memorial Hill 204; Chateau Thierry, Mezy US 3 rd Div July 15-18, 1918; Jaulgonne US 28 th Div July 15-18, 1918; Ourcq River US 3 rd , 28 th , 32 nd , 42 nd Divs July 28-Aug 2, 1918; Oise-Aisne American Cemetery; First Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt; Fismes US 28 th , 32 nd , 77 th Divs Aug 4-Sep 7, 1918; Bazoches US 4 th , 77 th Divs Aug 4-Sep 15, 1918. Hotel Reims.

Day 6 - Operations in the Champagne Region
Depart Reims . Defensive operations in the region US 42 nd Div July 15-18, 1918; Soucain Monument and Cemetery French Foreign Legion, French and German Cemetery; French Monument Navarin Farm; Sommepy US 2 nd Div & 4 th French Army Oct 2-10, 1918; American Memorial Sommepy; Ardeuil (just south) Cpl Freddie Stowers MOH US C Coy 371 st Inf Regt, 28 Sep 1918; Ardeuil (east) US 369th , 371 st , 372 nd Inf Regts 93 rd Div Sep 26-Oct 7, 1918, (Page358); The Lost Battalion, Binarville (south) US 368 th Inf Regt 92 nd Div Sep 26-Oct 1, 1918; Possibly visit Citadel.
Hotel Verdun (4 nights)

Day 7 - The French and German Battle of Verdun 1916
Depart Hotel. The Fleury Memorial Museum; Col Driant's Command Post; The Destroyed Village of Fleury; Fort Douaumont; Fort Vaux; Fort Souville; Ossuary; Monument des Fusiles de Tavannes. Return to Verdun and visit Cimitiere de Faubourg Pave (Seven Unknown French Soldiers). Visit Citadel if not already done on Day 5. Hotel Verdun

Day 8 - The St. Mihiel Salient
Depart hotel. Cote de Senoux- Hattonchatel US 26 th Div Sep 12, 1918; St Mihiel; Bois d' Ailly; Tranchee du Soif; Apremont; Loupmont; Woinville; French 2 nd , 26 th , 39 th , Divs Sep 12, 1918, St Mihiel American Memorial Montsec and the American Assault Sep 12, 1918; Seicheprey, Flirey, Regnieville, US Army Start Line Sep 12, 1918; Pont-a-Mousson, American Field Services, 1914-1918; Norroy, Xon Hill, US 82 nd , 90 th , 92 nd Divs Sep 12-Nov 11, 1918; Vieuville, Thiaucourt, US 2 nd , 5 th Divs Sep13-16, 1918; St Mihiel American Cemetery; Doncourt, Sep 16-Nov 11, 1918; Manheulles, US 81 st Div Nov 7, 1918.
Hotel Verdun

Day 9 - The Meuse-Argonne Sep 26-Nov 11 1918
Depart Hotel. To finish the story of the Battle of Verdun we visit Le Mort Homme and Cote 304; Malancourt, it is here the story of the morning of the Sep 26, 1918, is told; The American Memorial at Montfaucon; Cheppy, the Missouri Memorial; Vauquois, this was part of the start line Sep 26, 1918, but it is the devastation caused by French and German mining explosions which is extraordinary; Varennes, the Pennsylvania Memorial; Chatel Chery and Sgt York; Marcq, a view of the Hindenburg Line; Sommerance, the US 1 st Div; Meuse-Argonne American cemetery; Cunel, Lt Samuel Woodfill; drive back via the east bank of the Meuse and see where various US Divs crossed the river during Oct and Nov 1918..
Hotel Verdun.

Day 10 - The Armistice
Travel to Paris . Stop at Reims . Choice visit Cathedral and statue to Joan of Arc or visit Champagne area or visit Fort de la Pompelle; Stop at Compeigne .
Paris Hotel 2 nights

Day 11 - Paris
The morning to include a tour of the City. The afternoon free for last minute shopping, the museums or the Society of Cincinnati at Les Invalides.

Day 12
Transfer to Paris airport for the return flight to the USA.

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