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The Battle of the Bulge and the Crossing of the Rhine, 1944
For Groups (Minimum: 15 People)

On 16 December 1944, Adolph Hitler made his last attempt to stem the Allied advance. Out of the mists and the snows of the Ardennes, 250,000 German troops attacked the Allies, taking them by complete surprise. During the succeeding 11 days more than a million men became involved in this brutal and bloody battle. It was the result of the most abysmal failure of battlefield intelligence in the history of the US Army.

Join us as we visit this region and learn about the battles not only on the ground but between the various Allied Commanders as they struggled to deal with a possible major defeat.

'Nuts' (the reply given by General McAuliffe to the Germans
when asked to surrender Bastogne)


Full Itinerary available upon request

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