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The Itinerary

'Normandy Campaign - The Roads to Falaise'

2 - 6 September 2016

Price per person £685.00 Single supplement £120.00
Deposit per person £50.00

This tour follows the Allied left flank from the beaches into the 'bocage' and out onto the "Falaise Plain".
From the Suffolk's successful D Day assault on the German strongpoint "Hillman", to the "Bieville Ridge" where the 21st Panzer halt the drive on Caen. Follow the savage action as the Canadians clash with the 12th SS around Carpiquet airfield. We visit "Villers Bocage" where "Wittman" and his Tigers rout a British armoured Brigade. As the tide turns the "Epsom" offensive sees the capture of Hill 112. Operation Goodwood will lead to the German Army eventually withdrawing from Normandy with high losses in both men and equipment.

Narmandy Campaign Tanks


2 September:
Assemble at Portsmouth Harbour to catch the afternoon ferry to Caen/Ouistreham.
Hotel Caen.

3 September:
This morning is spent visiting some of the locations of actions fought by Third British Infantry Division following the landings at Sword Beach. We begin with a look at the engagement at strong point 'Hillman' by the Suffolk Regiment. We move on to the Bieville Ridge where the attempt to reach Caen by the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry and Staffordshire Yeomanry was brought to a halt by 21st Panzer Division. Finally we examine the actions of the Warwickshire Regiment around Lebisey. After lunch to Pegasus Bridge to discuss the defence of the bridge against the German counterattacks.
Hotel Caen.

4 September:
This morning we will trace some of the bitter Canadian actions fought against 12th SS Panzer Division around Carpiquet. We shall then proceed to Villers Bocage where we will make a study of the single-handed assault by Obersturmfuhrer Michael Wittman against 22nd Armoured
Brigade of 7th Armoured Division ("The Desert Rats").
This afternoon, We examine the "Epsom" offensive with stops at some of the more prominent sites e.g. Cheux and St. Mauvieu. We then the follow on to Hill 112 where a detailed study will be made of the intensive fighting by 43rd Wessex Division against the SS Panzers.
Hotel Caen.

5 September:
We begin the morning with a look at the great Armoured offensive - "Operation Goodwood". We then drive on to Falaise where we will visit the castle of William the Conqueror.
The afternoon is devoted to the Battle for the Falaise Gap, the climactic engagement of the whole campaign. We travel via Trun and Chambois to St. Lambert where we look at the action of Major Currie of the Canadian Army for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. We conclude at Mont Ormel the scene of the heroic stand by the Polish Armoured Division.
Hotel Caen.

6 September:
A chance for you to explore Caen before returning late morning to Ouistreham for the return ferry to Portsmouth.

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